Thursday, 9 July 2015

On the Workbench - July 2015

Now that Gauntlet is over, here's what's hangging around my workbench, I'm hoping to get most of this finished off before I start anything new.

From top left going clockwise by box
  • Soviet Pe-2 light bomber,
  • 28mm Saxon thegns and archers,
  • T26s a DAK sdkfz253, another marder III and a Panzer II ausf D
  • The bits to complete my winter Italians and Hungarians
  • A real mess of half started bits
  • On the side a M10 and an Erhardt armoured car.


David Bunte said...

What make are the T-26s?

Will McNally said...

David, the T26s are Miniairons. although they are fast build the detail is not as crisp as I would like and not as good as on their panzer I