Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Maritime Museum

After the Museu do Combatente it was across the road to the Jeronimos Monastery, I visited the church and cloisters, then moved on to the Maritime museum, which occupies two side of the monastery.

It's a huge number of rooms many filled with model ships in cases from many eras. Helpfully I had read up on Henry the Navigator a year ago so it was easy to assimilate all the information on the age of discoveries.

The vessels used at the time seem unbelievably small

The trading post (fort) of Diu in India, a marvellous setting for a obscure campaign (link)

Lots of classic ships from the age of sail

Some splendid marines in green with red facings

steam/sail hybrids


More modern Portuguese ships

Then you move to a modern extension containing real vessels

A royal barge last used for Queen Elisbeth's visit

It took over two hours to go round and it could easily have been three. Perhaps I should have taken notes as there was so much material that was new to me, however with the internet I can still check up on the bits I remember.

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