Museu do Combatente Lisbon

There is a new military museum adjacent to the Tower of Belem. Its theme is those who fought in Portugal's Twentieth Century wars.

It;s inside a more modern fortification and is overlooked from the Tower.

I has a selection of guns and equipment like this 75mm pack howitzer.

It is concerned with all the military forces involved in foreign combat including the police.

Part of the original equipment of the fort

Yes that is a Stuart at the far end.

I didn't take any pictures inside. One room had modellers collection of aircraft and it's surprising how many different types the Portuguese airforce fly.
The most interesting section of rooms was the African liberation struggle - lots of intriguing pictures, but with Portuguese captions so it was difficult to get a proper impression.
Each of the casemates had a section concerned with one arm of service with explanation of the uniforms and past and current roles. Finally like many museums at the moment there was a WW1 trench experience.


Conrad Kinch said...

The combination of spots like that, wonderful food and cheap and plentiful tobacco is making the prospect of a trip to Portugal all the more attractive.

Will, you're doing a very good job of selling the place. Thank you.

João Pedro Peixoto said...

Yes, Will is selling Portugal really well. And with a new government here who knows were he can get... :)

Counterpane said...

Can't see a Stuart anywhere?