Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Jacobite Cavalry

First to be finished this year a couple of units for the '45. Prince Charlie's Lifeguard and the Fitz-James Cavalry. The figures for both units come from the old Revell SYW Austrian Cavalry. I've depicted Fitz-James Cavalry as a normal sized unit so I can do a what-if the majority of the unit were not intercepted by the Royal Navy.

The tartan crossbelts on the Lifeguards were difficult to do and I'm not sure whether it was worth the effort.

I'd like to add a unit of Highland Hussars, but I can't think what figures to use!


Robbie Rodiss said...

Check out the Crann Tara site,
I know they are slightly larger in scale, but Graham does a great Baggotts hussar.

Stryker said...

Nice colorful unit - of course the tartan is worth it!

Pierre le Poilu said...

Very nice unit, a good use of the old Revel set, nicely painted