A few discoveries

These were found hidden away in the back of a cupboard at my parents house, The smaller figures are old 30mm Staddens , which are now the same as a small 28mm. The 54mms are a mix of Airfix, Historex and Tamiya. All were assembled and painted well over 40 years ago.

Now what do I do with them, I don't know anone interested in 54mm?

Also discovered in the bargain bin at "The Works" was this Christmas building for £1.50, it's quite suitable for 15mm or 20mm. But they only had one and I haven't seen any more.


Conrad Kinch said...

Will, I have an interest in 54mm. Is there anything you are looking for in 1/72?

Stryker said...

A bit of a coincidence Will - I found an Airfix 54mm British infantryman in a drawer in my Dad's house when I was clearing it out last year, also painted at least 40 years ago!

Tim Gow said...

Further to Conrad's comment - you clearly know at least two people interested in 54mm!

Fire at Will said...

Tim will you be at Vapnartak next month if so I'll bring them along for you?

Conrad, thanks for the offer, currently I'm trying (LOL) to finish off what I've already got and I suspect these figures won't post well.

Tim Gow said...

The 54mm toys arrived safely - many thanks.