Saturday, 2 January 2016

Review of 2015 - part 1

Crumbs, it seems hardly any time since I reviewed my half year progress
Yes, over half the year has passed by already, so I thought I'd better do a quick progress check

Major Projects (at least 100 figures, month or more in effort)

  • I’ve committed to produce the terrain for one of the tables for this year’s big game, which covers the Allied landings in Sicily 1943. This will mean quite a lot of terrain construction, but at least I can still use the buildings from the SOTCW Achse & Avalanche game from 2009
  • Completed, but it was quite a lot of work
  • Axis winter forces – German/Italian/Hungarian (from 2014 plan)
  • Completed to a far greater extent than planned, I'll certainly be adding extra units to my forces, but that will be as needed
  • Finish the Jacobites, by adding French and Lowland units (from 2014 plan)
  • Mostly completed, two infantry units completed, currently working on some cavalry, My existing French Dillon regiment will cover the Irish picquets. But I haven't worked out how to model the Gardes Ecossais.

Minor Projects (in no particular order)

  • Saracen cavalry and a few more archers
  • Not yet started carried forward to 2016
  • Crusader cavalry
  • Not yet started carried forward to 2016
  • HYW/WOTR English add some cavalry and a few more infantry
  • Not yet started carried forward to 2016
  • Cossacks – expand the force mixing in some Wallachians (Lucky Toys Vlad Tepes set) to add some variety
  • ompleted
  • Ancient German Warbands
  • Not yet started carried forward to 2016
  • Some Assorted Ancient Light Troops to fill in various gaps in my armies
  • Not yet started carried forward to 2016
  • Russian Partisans
  • Not yet started carried forward to 2016
  • Carried over from 2014 is a British Desert Motor Battalion, plus transport and an Infantry battalion
  • Completed
  • Upgrade my WW1 East African Germans with the new HaT figures
  • Not yet started carried forward to 2016

Other activities

  • Refight Ligny from 1815 (everyone else is doing Waterloo)
  • Successfully completed a great couple of days gaming
  • The stash is still far too big; I want to get it down from six storage boxes to five by the time we move. In line with this, I plan to complete as many plastic kits as possible, there are over 40 there at present so completing these should free up one box at least.
  • Total failure - the total number of unpainted items in my database has decreased by a pathetic 23 items from 7,463 to 7,420. Although the number of kits has declined I have compensated by storing away some "Works" Russian tanks for a future expansion of my Winter WW2 to cover late WW2. So no change in storage
  • Continue the attempt No new armies until after we move – will be quite difficult to achieve if plastic figure manufacturers bring out something tempting.
  • Still managing, just

I'll cover the breakdown of what's been painted in part 2


Sander said...

Wow, you've actually managed to finish quite a lot! Kudos for 2015!

Conrad Kinch said...

Not to shabby. Quite a lot achieved there.