Sunday, 4 September 2016

AWI Indians

The Black Powder supplement "The Last Argument of Kings" has a French and Indian wars scenario, that needs more Indians than I currently have painted. So it was convenient that I picked up some extra Italeri AWI Indians, I painted most of these up so I could reorganise my existing figures into two war-parties.

I also took the opportunity (!) to rebase them all because the originals were all based as skirmishers for my AWI rules. Part were kept as skirmishers, but the more aggressive looking figures were transferred to warband bases. Each war-party consists of two units each of skirmishers and warband each comprising two bases. A couple of command bases finished off the project

At the back are a few spare figures based on pennies so I can use the figures for one to one level gaming


Monty said...

They look great, Will!

Phil said...

Nice looking units!