Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Pontoon bridge

Very much an impulse buy when I saw it on ebay. For some games I needed something smaller than the old Airfix pontoon bridge set and this set in resin from Anyscale Models was just what I needed at a reasonable price. Although I could use it as is, I felt it needed ramps so it would work better as drop on terrain.

The ramps were simply made out of old foamcore. I also built an extra pair so I could create two smaller bridges

The white scout car is work in progress and just added to show the scale of the bridge as just suitable for trucks and very light armour.


KEV. said...

Most useful set of Bridges - well done on the ramps! Regards. KEV.

Andrew Canham said...

That's a useful looking piece of kit. I must take another look at their e-by site.

Cheers, Andy