Monday, 19 September 2016

Shawnee war-party

Continuing with the third of my war-parties, this one is Shawnee, made up of the Strelets Tecumseh figures for the war of 1812. As before each war-party consists of two warband and two skirmish units plus command.

Bice figures, but dressed for somewhat cooler weather than the Italeri Indians. The commander is of course Tecumseh in the very speculative British generals jacket.


João Peixoto said...

veeeery nice

Andrew Canham said...

Excellent. Are they going on the warpath anytime soon?

Cheers, Andy

James Fisher said...

Good to see these painted Will—and a fine job too.

(Bloody hell, it is getting more difficult to prove that I am not a robot. Does that mean that I am not part cyborg?!!!)