Monday, 19 March 2018

Snow show - WMMS

Yesterday Andy and I travelled down to Aldersley for the WMMS show. There was very little snow on the roads as far as Tong on the A41, then it became more awkward as it was blowing off the fields onto the road. It was a very quiet show as the weather seemed to have deterred a lots of traders, demonsrators and punters. A few pictures of the games that caight my eye.

A nice Napoleonic Peninsula game

I particular liked the hilltop village

Japanese landing in China 1937

Great Northern War with Prinz August figures

Very little shopping done, just some decals and vehicle stowage

Friday, 16 March 2018

Maybe a bit to blue? - WW1 Poles

Unfortunately I choose a deep sky blue rather than a blue-grey for the base colour so the result is especially bright in the sunlight. Appropriately they are the Polish Blue Army from Strelets

The Blue Army was equipped by the French and fought on the western front in WW1, before being shipped east to join in the conflicts there. I will certainly use them for the Russian Civil War.

At the back is a French artillery gun and crew in the colours I thought I was using!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Back to winter - Soviet KV-1S

While the "Beast from the east" was blowing I got a pair of Pegasus KV-1S asssembled. Appropriately I have painted them up in my faded winter style camouflage.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

WW2 Indian Infantry

At long last I have added an Indian unit to my British desert army. It has always been a niggling omission and I had considered using the Atlantic figures. It was to my great pleasure that Strelets released not one but two sets enabling me to easily construct a Rapid Fire battalion.

The only item still missing is a Boys Anti-tank rifle and that will be purchased when I go to WMMS next week.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

On the workbench - March 2018

To get my painting back on track I'm working on a number of kits that have been lying around and getting in the way, plus working on some recent purchases, in detail:-

  • Remainder of the Ottoman Tufecis and Azabs from last month
  • 6 PSC Stuarts in Caunter camouflage that I finished assembling last month
  • 3 Airfix Cromwells
  • 2 Pegasus KV 1S for my winter Russians
  • 3 PSC M9 half tracks for the Ardennes, I've got one old Airfix tilt, but I'll have to create a couple more
  • A WW2 Indian Infantry Battalion for Rapid Fire (or platoon for Battlegroup)
  • WW1/RCW Poles
  • WW1 Serbs
  • WW1 Arab Revolt
  • WW1 Ottomans in tropical dress