Monday, 26 March 2018

A bunch of Honeys

M3 Stuart light tanks from Plastic Soldier made from the left-over parts from My US versions I've given them Caunter camouflage as it is usually worth the effort involved.

Adding squadron markings turned into a saga. The first set were old and very fragile, once in place The poor alignment meant I had to touch them up and they still didn't look right. So I them bought some new ones from I-94. These turned out to be almost transparent and I'm still waiting to hear their response. So finally I hand painted them.

As a reminder here is the work in progress picture with the green stuff press moulded parts


Phil Broeders said...

Nice paint jobs Will. They look great

Sun of York said...

Lovely looking tanks. I'm still dithering about transfers or hand painting for my desert tanks.

Chris Kemp said...

Very nice indeed, Will. I personally prefer hand painting (badly, in my case) markings, to transfers. The logistic problem alone of storing, finding and applying them often eludes me!

Regards, Chris.

Andrew Canham said...

Lovely Caunter pattern Will. Most excellent.

Cheers Andy