Frundsberg Foot Artillery 1793

A slight diversion from the desert. These have been sitting on the side for quite a while and I under-coated them at the same time as the DAK infantry. TYpically I added an extra colour whenever I had any left over and gradually they progressed.

Of course they are more of my Imagi-nation Frundsbergers, this time for the Revolution period using the Hat 1806 Prussian Artillery figures, kindly donated by aaaargh! can't find the name, many apologies Guns are from the Esci French Artillery set, already painted for my SYW Frundsbergers


Bluebear Jeff said...

Very nice carriage color, sir.

-- Jeff

Scheck said...

Frundsberg has quite interesting summer uniforms - I like the colours very much. They will be always elegant in every skirmish!
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