Sunday, 25 December 2016

Thanks Santa

A reasonable selection of gifts this year

The sailors will be used to crew some Renaissance galleys, so scratch building those will be one of my projects for next year.


Andrew Canham said...

A good haul there, Santa did you proud!

Cheers, Andy

Conrad Kinch said...

Good stuff. I commend the rules to your attention.

Meic Kelly said...

Done well there Will, looking forward to seeing your scratch builds. What scale will you be using for The Men Who Would Be King?

Merry Christmas


Pete. said...

Nice- 'Theirs is the Glory' is a classic.



Andrew Canham said...

Hi Will,

My copy of The Men Who Would be King arrived in the post this morning. If you fancy giving them an outing, I'm keen to try them out.

Cheers, Andy

Will McNally said...

Meic, it will be 20mm as always