Monday, 26 December 2016

WW1 French Artillery

I wasn't very happy when I bought the Hat WW1 French Artillery and I sold all but one sprue. However when I came to assemble the First to Fight version I realised I needed a guide so I assembled the Hat version. Here it is, my sole piece of WW1 French equipment and maybe the beginnings of a Corps d'Observation d'Andrevie

I notice when studying the pictures that some of the paint has not taken to the horrible soft hat plastic, I'll now have to sort it!


Phil said...

Wonderful job!!

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Nice job Will. Sometimes the primer doesn't take the way it should or you just get unlucky with coverage but this is a neat little set. Put it down to wear and tear in the field.

Andrew Canham said...

That looks great. I was debating whether to use the HAT set to support my French infantry, but think these will do the job - I'll have a look at First to Fight as well. It's worked out well and I had to study hard to see any gaps in the pint finish.

Cheers, Andy