Tuesday, 7 February 2017

British Artillery Regiment for Rapid Fire

After the enforced delay due to going on holiday here is my new PSC British Artillery Regiment.

One battery has Morris Quads wheras the other two have CP Quads.

My old guns, which will be retired. Airfix hard plastic to the right soft to the left!

For those who like a comparison of old and new.

Further work is needed on the battery and regiment HQs


James said...

I mean the old Airfix gun kit was fine. I have built a couple of them. But the crew. Oh the crew. The PSC crew look like a vast improvement.

Andrew Canham said...

Turned out very well.

Cheers, Andy

Sergiuss A said...

Very good work!

Paul Foster said...

Cracking work Will.

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Great Work. I agree with James. The Airfix kits are still good, but those guncrews posing if on ceremonial duty...Keep using mine, probably a case of nostalgia.