Friday, 3 February 2017

On the Workbench - February 2017

This month is much like last as I over planned and then went on holiday for a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to Vapnartak in York this weekend, where I hope to get some inspiration and some bits and pieces.

So a more comprehensive list including the Kickstarter stuff.
  • Six sets of quads, limbers, 25pdrs and crews (These were almost finished before I left) plus battery and regimental command groups
  • Replacement crews and some repairs to my 17pdrs and 5.5" howitzers
  • A pair of winter RSOs with Pak40s (I have tried to magnetise the base so I could swap versions, but it didn't hold firmly enough)
  • Two (9 figure) units of Ottoman Sipahis (started, but I want to get a set of the new Orion version to add more variety)
  • Four units (6) of Ottoman Ajinkis
  • French mounted musketeers
  • Some bailed US tank crews
  • Strelets Lawrence of Arabia


Counterpane said...

I guessed you were away. Check for an email from mew a couple of weeks ago.

Probably see you at Vapnartak tomorrow,

Richard C

Counterpane said...

"me" of course, not "new".

Counterpane said...

Bloody autocorrect! For "new" in the last comment read "mew".