Thursday, 9 March 2017

Ottoman Armoured Sipahis

Hurrah, finished at last they seemed to have been on the painting table for ages. The figures are a mix of Redbox and Orion.
Ideally I would have mixed up the horse more between the sets as the Redbox set only has two poses compared to the six in the Orion set. These are based according to my transition basing between ancients/medievals and later so there are three figures on a 60mm frontage and nine figures to a unit.

Onto Vienna!


Phil said...

They look superb, well done!

Andrew Canham said...

Nice looking unit, great job.

Cheers, Andy

Pierre le Poilu said...

I agree..nice looking unit. I am half-way through two boxes of Zvezda Ottoman cavalry so the Red Box/Orion combo will be next.

Springinsfeld said...

Great's always a relief when one finishes a stubborn unit that's been hanging about the painting table.