Monday, 13 March 2017


An enjoyable day out in Wolverhampton at the WMMS show - nice to meet up with a lot of friends again. Here are some pictures of the games that caught my eye. I just wish some of the gamers would make the effort to proactively engage with the public.

WW2 Action in Greece 1941

War of Austrian Succession (I think) with a really nice fort, but a bit to high!

Another WAS game but Computer moderated

Yet more Lace wars Eye Candy

Classic Rapid Fire with the scenario for the rulebook.

Chain of Command - the Tigers came out to play later.

Big boys toys for WW1

Napoleonic Skirmish Poker

Ramilles 1706 in 10mm

The siege of Antrim I've seen it before, but the lighting was better this time.

Rorkes Drift

Cambrai 1917 in 10mm

My purchases from the day

The big buy was a pair of Russian building sets from Pendraken, which luckily are mostly based on the same size as my modular terrain.


KEV. Robertson. said...

Thanks for posting the Games - an excellent display - certainly a great deal of effort has gone into the presentation. Cheers. KEV.

Monty said...

Very impressive!

Norm said...

Thank you.

Andrew Canham said...

Great photos and a nice show. Enjoyed my day out. Is that the Airfix Napoleonic farm wagons set off the bring n buy top right in your haul?

Cheers, Andy

Grigork said...

Great pictures. Looked like a good show

Will McNally said...

Andy, yes they are a pair of the Airfix wagons, a lucky find on the B&B

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the pics - brings back some good memories. I really enjoyed this year's show - some excellent games, particularly in the 'Horse & Musket' period. I particularly liked the Siege of Athlone and 10mm Ramillies games (the latter has inspired me to start painting some Pendrakens).

I can only echo your thoughts about talking to the public. Players just don't seem to get it - the focus at a Show has to be interaction. You can focus on playing the game for the rest of the year !

Perhaps organisers need to make sure that each table has a 'designated speaker'... I'm not holding my breath - this has been the case for as long as I can remember.