Saturday, 12 August 2017

TYW rebasing - the commanders

Quite a change from before when all the commanders were individually based, now they are mostly based in pairs with new figures added from various sources.

They are all generic command figures as I didn't model them on any specific individuals

Off to Britcon shortly, so say Hi if you are passing the Lance & Longbow game


West Riding Wargamer said...

It's always good to see a big project nearing completion. Can't get across to Manchester this year. Hopefully see you at Leeds in October.

Paul´s Bods said...

They look great. You must have loads of TYW bods!!

Uwe said...

Hi Will,

from which source are the flags? They are looking good!

Will McNally said...

Uwe, the senior commanders flags are painted copies of ones in a previous post. The others came from a website I found years ago and printed out. I rescanned them and created some new flags.

Uwe said...

Hi Will,

thank you for the info. Creating flags from drawings of photos is a good idea. I did the same with the Kronosgraf SYW project Russian flags which I scaled down to 172.