Sunday, 20 August 2017

TYW rebasing - More Imperial infantry

Hurrah!!! the rebasing project is finished with 1,227 figures rebased. These last three Impperial regiments are about 60% "new" figures and I even changed to coat colours on all the old ones.

The flags are for Bavaria/Catholic League forces and came from an source I found way back in the early days of the internet, luckily I printed out the pages.

The biggest problem throughout the project has been converting musketeers into pikemen, hence some of the strange poses at the back of the pike blocks

Along with the infantry I rebased the light guns (old Airfix French Artillery) at some point I need to find some better replacements


João Peixoto said...

Nice painting. The mass look is just great!

Archduke Piccolo said...

Must have missed this one. Great work on those Revell 30YW guys. Do I recognise Airfix Napoleonic French Arty? I reckon they make fine battalion guns for 30YW.