Friday, 1 September 2017

Morris CDSW

It's taken a long time to complete these. Although based on the same vehicle as the Morris in the Airfix Bofors kit, it took a lot of investigation to find the exact configuration. After a couple of attempts I came up with fudging two vehicles to tow my BEF 18/25 pdrs.

In the background is another spare Bofors tractor (thanks Dennis) I now need a BEF Bofors to go with it. I'll probably get the Zvezda version that has BEF crew.

For those who like work in progress pictures.


Chris Kemp said...

Nicely put together, Will. There is more work there than appears at first sight.

Regards, Chris.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I do like the WIP picture!

Phil said...

Great looking vehicles!

Andrew Canham said...

They look nice.

João Peixoto said...

'For those who like work in progress pictures' and for those who NEED.