Sunday, 17 September 2017

A day at Colours

I escaped from the family for the day and spent the day at Colours in Newbury. I must admit that I was not impressed, the trader floor was gloomy and there were very few games of interest. The mitigating factor was the opportunity to meet up with quite a few friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Some bits I thought worth photographing

The most impressive was this War of Italian Unification game, the fortified town was lovely

The Mesopotamian front in WW1

A snowy Franco-Prussian War

Battlegroup Kursk - WW2

Marengo using General d'Armee, having read a number of positive comments I bought a copy

A nice idea for a river in a Cold War gone hot game

English Civil War version of "To the Strongest"

I didn't spend much, just some paint, a pack of the Plastic Soldier German armoured cars, a few discounted Ready to Roll vehicles and the General d'Armee rules.


Springinsfeld said...

I've got to say I always find the ground floor at Colours very dark..... hard to see any wares at all, and usually the rest of the show is baking hot too, so I gave it a miss this year.

Syl said...


Lee Hadley said...

Great photo's, thanks for sharing. This is one show that I must try to get to next year (I say that every year!).

Phil said...

Wow, spectacular and splendid tables!

Chris Kemp said...

I think I recognise M2 bridging rigs from my old regiment (28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment) on the river - looks to be a good table too.

Regards, Chris