Keeping up with the Italians

Having found a pile of repairable vehicles in the Early War Miniatures mis-cast box at Newbury and "Derby" I have been working on repairing them. At the front two variants of the TL37 as a tractor and a light truck. The rear pair were acquired at Newbury without wheels so I used some old Airfix Scammel wheels for one and press-cast the others from Greenstuff using a Oyumaru mould.

Back left was the most complex repair a Breda 40 artillery tractor, where as well a filling the various casting errors I also had to re-create the cab-top. At the back right is a AS42 Sahariana, where I've added a scratched up 47mm AT gun.
Overall, quite time consuming, but satisfying to recover what would otherwise be wasted.

I missed the back centre, which is a Ready to Roll Douvenque with a 20mm Breda AA. All the crews have been modified to fit and come from a variety of sources, mainly the left-over drivers from the PSC 25pdr kit. They were given Reiver replacement Italian heads. I understand from Gary at Sgts Mess these are still available but not included on their website yet.


Sun of York said...

Great work. Wonderful to see old models brought back to life.

Stryker said...

Very smart bit of recycling!

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Absolutely like new! Great.

Andy Canham said...

Good job. That Oyumaru is great for casting wheels. I used Miliput for mine, but plan to try some resin from work later.

Cheers, Andy

Sander said...

Great stuff, if you'd not told us they were miscasts I would not have noticed at all!

Jacques said...

Excellent work !