Thursday, 30 November 2017

Some WW2 bits and pieces

Just to finish off the month I completed a number of bits

First a twin 13.5mm AA gun for my French and a command version of a M5 light tanks (I copied a version based on the M8 HMC). The AA gun is from Early War Miniatures and the M5 is made up from left overs from the PSC kit.

Three new Breda 20mm AA guns and another Sahariana. Crews for both came from mixed sources but mainly the Waterloo 1815 Italian tank vehicle and artillery crew set.


Michael Köhler said...

Really cool stuff

Andrew Canham said...

Hi Will, what figures did you use for the M5 crew? I'm looking for something suitable for my M5 jalopy and SoD.

Cheers, Andy

Doug said...

yep.. the Waterloo set is absolutely great I manned my Italian vehicles using those.