Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Terrain for Market Garden - part 2

Some more rework, this time a very old ditched road and stream I created for a refight of Lutzen 1632. Finding it in the bottom of a drawer was a light-bulb moment - just the job for Hell's Highway. The ditch was reduced in size and the whole thing textured and painted. The stream has become a canal.

I used the idea from Olicanalad's Games of using woodstain on the water (link) thanks James

Here's a picture of the original game

Obviously I now need to create bridges and more canal sections plus linking roads to Hell's Highway


Lee Hadley said...

More excellent terrain. I can imagine a tank stuck on that road, under fire with a commander weighing the chance of getting bogged down if he tries to cross the ditch.

Will McNally said...

Lee, exactly my thoughts about building the road.