Saturday, 21 April 2018

WW1 Serbians

Another impulse purchase as I have no plans to refight the battles around Salonika in WW1, but these figures from Strelets seemed a very suitable unit for the Russian Civil War.

Given a choice of LMGs I selected the Chauchat as the section LMG so I could use the more suitable Lewis with other RCW figures


Robin Sutton said...

Nice. What is your plan for HMGs? I bought several boxes of the haT serbs, but then went cold on the project because I needed HMNGs for support. I use the Great War Spearhead rules.

Kind regards

Will McNally said...

Hi Robin, no plans as yet because I have plenty of Russian HMGs (the ones from HaT) Maybe head swaps for the Zvezda WW2 Soviet Machine Gun 'Maxim' with Crew (Winter) would work

Robin Sutton said...


Head swaps... sigh, a lot of work. I'll think about that one.