Friday, 5 October 2018

On the Workbench - October 2018

I seem to have quite a bit left on the painting table at the end of the month and it's all partially started. As a taster here are my new portees

So my plan for the month (plus progress notes) is

  • Strelets Arab Revolt camel riders - nearly finished (I forgot to include them in the list last month)
  • dismounted Strelets WW1 British camel riders - undercoated
  • dismounted Strelets WW1 Australian camel riders - undercoated
  • HaT WW1 British Infantry (tropical dress) - undercoated
  • Zvezda WW2 British desert 2pdrs deployed and mounted on portees - well underway see above
  • First to Fight WW2 British desert 37mm mounted in portees - not started
  • All my First to Fight German vehicles
  • Start on rebasing my SYW/AWI French army, this will also involve replacing 3 regiments


Chris Kemp said...

Looking promising!

Regards, Chris.

Neil Patterson said...

The basis looks like Airfix from one of the RAF ground sets, but I'm stumped on the rear truck bed!

Will McNally said...

Neil, the rear truck bed is the cut down bed from the Airfix QLT, which I had left over from my 6pdr conversion - what luck!