WW2 German Fortifications on Jersey

As you walk around the coast on Jersey it is almost impossible to avoid the large and small concrete structures covering every single beach and cove. The Channel Islands Occupation Society has a very useful website and many of the structures are open in summer (CIOS link) and there is more details on the Occupation Detectives (link)

The Marine Peilstand near cape Gros Nez

on a sunnier day!

Batterie Moltke, with some guns they recovered from the sea beneath the cliffs.

The Jersey Military Museum, inside an old bunker on St Ouens bay with an R35 turret on top.

Strongpoint Corbiere, more bunkers on the SW cape along with another Marine Peilstand converted to a coastguard lookout

Batterie Lothringen, two very short visits, it really needed longer to appreciate this site on cape Noirmount

Interesting details of an action between PT boats and German minesweepers (link)

The Naval Observation post is much lower than the previous pair

A memorial at the small cove where commandos landed in Operation Hardtack 28 (link).

Finally the war tunnels, that were turned into an underground hospital. Lots of interesting stuff on the occupation but very little eye candy.

I was intrigued by Operation Constellation/Condor (link), a plan to invade Jersey in 1943 and the German raid on Granville in 1945 to capture some colliers (link)

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