WMMS 2019

Had a great day at WMMS yesterday, a good game, met up with plenty of friends and plenty of eye candy. I was part of the SOTCW group putting on the Commando raid on Vaagso 1941.

The table all set up and ready to go

Richard Ps harbour area

and Ulversund hotel

Most of the remaining terrain was mine with some fro Andy C

The Japanese Invasion of Indonesia 1942 - I liked the "cactus patches" made from an Aldi door mat.

Algeria 1837 in 10mm

A Highland uprising with an opposed landing

Big boys toys 28mm tanks in action

English Civil War

Renaissance - native uprising somewhere in south america

Napoleonic Peninsula game

American War of Independence

Waterloo - Napoleonic Poker

Great Northern War - Swedes & Russians

Seven Years War - not sure about the carpet as a cloth

Not much booty, a Blotz fountain and a pair of Fabbri BA64 armoured cars


Norm said...

Thank you, enjoyed looking. I was unable to go due to last minute events at home, so I appreciate this post.

Tony said...

Nice write up Will. Your pics of my Waterloo game are better than my own. I must invest in a new camera. A very good show in my opinion. Lots to see and do and better weather than last year!

Richard B said...

nice photos Will

Paul Howes said...

A Great Posting Topic Will.
Greetings BB