On the workbench - Jul 2021

Some left overs from last month to start off with
  • 1 German & 1 Swiss WSS infantry units in French service - just started
  • 2 WSS British cavalry units
  • 1 WSS French Chevau Leger/Gendarme unit
  • Various WSS commanders
  • 6 PSC Steyr heavy cars - assembled, I'm building a couple of the Mercedes version from the left overs
  • 6 PSC sdkfz250 Neu - various marks - assembled, I'm not happy with the over-sized chunky crew and I'm replacing them.
  • 6 PSC Gaz trucks - assembled, I've ordered the office bodies from S&S to complete them.
  • then depending on progress
  • the Redbox musketeers of the King of France and guards of Cardinal Richleau
  • the SYW infantry regiment Roth-Wurtzberg

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