Some extra bits for my WW2 Germans

A selection of my recently finished Plastic Soldier Company vehicles
A variety of 1/72 sdkfz 250 Neu, these will be replacing some old 1/76 versions that will now either be sold or reused for an earlier period
RIP Mike Yates, a member of Deeside Defenders, I bought these part-built sdkfz 251s from his collection sold off a couple of weeks ago. They will be a tangible memory of Mike.
Finally, some Steyr 1500A heavy cars with an extra Mercedes version added in
For the Mercedes conversion I used the left over parts from the PSC kit, with a donated PSC Mercedes truck front end bodged to fit and extra wheels cast with Greenstuff in Oyumaru molds from the originals. It was a lot more effort that I think it was worth.

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James Fisher said...

They look excellent Will. Top camo.
Regards, James