Getting some traction

Completed painting my first home produced vehicles, all artillery tractors except for the 203mm B4 Howitzer
The Voroshilovets is for the 203mm, Komintern for 152mm, STZ for 122mm and the little T20 for any smaller guns. At the back is a pair of M4 High Spped Tractors I managed to recover from my big printing failure
My latest production, clockwise a Semovente da 90/53, DB G5 staff car, a replacement sdkfz 247, Laffly S20 and a Marmon Harrington.


Doug said...

What do you figure the cost per model might be?
Just factoring in the resin, not the printer, that is.
I’ve been looking at the printers as well, I might splurge for Christmas.

sowabud said...

They look really good 👍

Fire at Will said...

Doug for a typical 1/72 model it works out about £1 with the Resin costing £30 per 1000g, but you have to factor the miscasts and other consumables such as the FEP sheets that need replaced, they cost £5 and should last 20-30 prints, but my first one only lasted 8 prints so about 25 models.

Andy Canham said...

They've come up lovely. Great stuff, look forward to seeing them on the table. Have you got a 3D printer then?