The trials and tribulations of 3D printing

It's a hard learning curve this 3D printing malarkey and it's taking a lot of time. Every thing I think I am making progress another glitch appears.

Here's my latest progress (hopefully usable prints) The ships were left in the sun to dry and cure, but as the resin was still soft they have a slight curve.
However I had another major fail, resin leaked through the FEP sheet this time distorting several prints, I'll have to wait till replacement FEP sheets arrive, luckily I had already ordered them.
A close up of my previous successes
and the fails, but I have managed to recover a couple of the HST and a single sdkfz 247 from bits of the other two.


Archduke Piccolo said...

I can't help thinking that if had a 3D printer it would be devoted to making wheels. One can never have too many wheels...

rct75001 said...

Will I am watching this and Simon's work on the forum with interest. There is some great output there.

I have a FDM printer and am seriously considering a resin one as I have a heap of 6mm buildilngs etc that I want to print.


Uwe said...

I only have a FDM printer too. Now the fourth time it broke down and the new hotend doesn't work. What kind of resin printer do you use and have you it inside the house?

At Thingiverse I found so many vehicles, that need to be printed:-)


Chris Kemp said...

Following your progress with interest, Will. but I'm leaving it to the Professionals at the moment. They all seem to have invested in drying cabinets to avoid the warping problem.

Regards, Chris.

João Pedro Peixoto said...

Hey another courageous guy. Your prints are amazing and the future in fact. Not for my making though as this is really scary. I´ll keep on ordering from others both PLA and resin as I always resist to technological changes.