Yet more WSS Cavalry

Another batch of War of Spanish Succession Cavalry. All Strelets and there seems to be plenty more in the pipeline to keep me busy in 2022.
Wyndham's Horse will complete Palme's Brigade for Blenheim
French Grenadiers a Cheval, I didn't need them, but since Strelets produced them and they look unusual I had to get them.
French Gentlemens Regiments La Baume and Tarnau part of Broglie's Brigade at Blenheim. A painting conversion of the Strelets British Cavalry
Alongside the French cavalry are a couple of new French Commanders.


Trebian said...

The new Strelets cavalry do look the business. I wish they'd get on and release the lobster pot cuirassiers.

Fire at Will said...

Yes, I'm really looking forward to seeing those, hopefully by Christmas.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Fine looking and colourful cavalry. Streletz-R is developing quite reputation for quality, as well having a wide variety of topic.