Japanese Tanks

Completed over a week ago before I went off to see my elder daughter. There should have been trucks as well, but those suffered badly with distortions after I drained the uncured resin from the cavities. These will be used for operations on the Pacific islands as well as for Burma and the Phillipines, I think the early operations there where they faced Stuarts will be interesting.
Kurogane field cars, they are correctly scaled but I can't see how to add any crew
Type 97 Chi-Ha, I kept with an early war camouflage pattern for these
Type 95 Ha-Go light tanks
Type 89B I-Go
Type 1 Ho-Ki APC, much less common, but used in Burma and the Phillipines so I had to have them.
Type 2 Ka-Mi amphibious tanks as used by the Japanese Navy.

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