WSS Austrian Cuirassiers

No surprise for my first units of the year, I have created 4 units of Austrian Cuirassiers, all wearing the helmet more commonly worn when fighting the Ottomans. The figures themselves are a mixture of the Strelets Austrian and Bavarians so I could create some consistent charging and resting units for both nationalities.
Left flank - regiments Taffe (front) and Commercy (rear)
Right flank - regiments Jung Hesse Darmstadt (front) Zanthe (rear)


Trebian said...

You've beaten me to it. I have six boxes of these guys on the shelf, but it'll be a month or two before I get round to them, I guess.

Meic said...

Very nice Will, good to see more WSS loveliness.



Uwe said...

Great figures. Are they as big as PSR suggests?