Vapnartak 2023

Up nice and early yesterday for the drive across to York. So for me it was 12 hours day.
I was helping with the Lance & Longbow as usual and the battle selected this time was the Ottoman relief of the seige of Buda 1541. Ready for the off.
Battle well underway - we managed to refight it twice, both times resulting in an Ottoman victory.
Some of the other games in progress, starting with the the Back of Beyond game by the League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers
Medieval skirmish using Lion Rampant set in the Baltics with the Teutonic knights
"What a Cowboy" by TFL I would have liked to have time to try this.
Viking Raid
My booty - the Natal Native contingent by out was a fortunate find as I have been looking for it for quite a while. The back copies of Hobilar on disk will reduce the amount of paper being stored. The additional rules for Rapid Fire Reloaded and Canadian Scenarios were what I needed, but I received an extra copy of the base rules with them. The female gunfighters will make an entertaining addition to my small western gunfight collection.
Overall a great day out as always, it was very busy for the first three hours, but the organisers have changed and it showed in their speed of dealing with the queue and less friendly attitude.

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peter said...

Thanks for sharing Will! Looks like a really nice show!
I've painted those Hat figures some time ago. Nice figures.