Some work in progress from the printer

A quick view of some of the intems coming off the 3D printer. From top left: another Waco glider and some bagge camels; a selection of various 1/76 vehicles, including waterline LVT-2s; Thalassa triremes; SYW Grenz infantry and some Zulu commanders.
Passing on to the 1/76 vehicles, a few problems printing a Lancia 3RO tanker and trailer, I'll just reprint the damaged components and repair it. I also plan to print a 1/56 version for Dave W, and hopefully I have work out what went wrong.
German Hf2 wagon, printed OK, but my clumsy figures manged to damage a wheel removing the model from the supports, looks nice so more care needed for any reprints.
A couple of US para jeeps, looks nothing unusual, but using 3D builder I started from a 4 crew version and replaced one crewman with some stowage. Then created a version with a mirror image of the rear half.
Thalassa crews, these are 1/300 and supplied presupported. The supports are a nightmare to remove and not damage the figures. I think that using H&R metals would be a lot easier.
Finally the Seven Years War Austrian Grenz and Zulu commanders. The arms and heads are all printed seperately. This test print revealed that both were undersized and it will be a right game to affix the arms, so I need to see what I can fix in 3D builder.

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