German Infantry Carts, etc.

German Infantry Carts or more correctly Infanteriefahrzeuge (If.), I 3D printed number of If.5 Maschinengewehrwagen (Bauart 36) (Vorder- und Hinterwagen) Machine gun wagon (model 36) (anterior & rear wagon). These were used thoughout WW2 so I split them into early and late war, I suspect that the limber was used for more than its designated role so I kept the MG carts seperate. I also somehow lost some of my old Airfix 88mm trailers so I also printed some excellent replacements as well.
Early War versions in grey and some Recoiless Weapons for my early war Fallschirmjaeger
Late War versions
Thanks to Dani Dunber for the STL files, I just need to sort out some suitable drivers for them.

Link to kfz der Wehrmacht (link) for more details


pancerni said...

Unusual wagons and nicely done.

Andy Canham said...

Great stuff!