On the Workbench - February 2024

January didn't go quite to plan as although I planned to go on holiday I didn't plan to get a bad cold as well which put a stop on any painting, but now I'm back and OK again and looking forward to putting on Montgisard 1177 at Vapnartak on this Sunday. But by then I have to finish
  • Four unis of Ayyubid Mamluks (now being based)
  • One unit of Kingdon of Jerusalem crossbowmen (ditto)
  • The Ayyubid encampment - six tents (ditto)
Once that is over I will work on
  • Rebasing my Napoleonic British skirmishers
  • Napoleonic Spanish Artillery in their early uniform
  • Upgrading my exisitng WW2 Japanese SNLF platoon by adding extra figures to bring it up to a full platooon and reworking & rebasing my exisiting figures
  • maybe continuing by painting the remaining Crusades figures I have left
  • As time permits rebasing my Napoleonic British cavalry

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