Vapnartak 2024

Had a great but exhausting trip to Vapnartak yesterday. I put on the battle of Montgisard for the Lance & Longbow Society as a participation game. I ran this three times with the Franks (Crusaders) winning all three, but at times it was a close run thing. As a result of umpiring I didn't get much time to look at other games or the trade stands.

Before the start from the Frankish perspective
and from the Ayyubid (Saracen)
In the midst of the first game
and again during the third
Ferrybridge, prelude to Towton 1461
Yarkshire Gamers battle of Mentana
"Kiss Me Hardy" I like the playing surface and the simple but effective coastline and islands
Lovely terrain for Venice
The show was very busy, my guess was that it was back to pre-Covid levels of attendence, but I was rather underwhelmed by the games on display. But there is Hammerhead next month for some eye-candy.

Sir Andrew de Canham has also written a chronicle of his experiences in the Holy Land covering the battle of Mongisard (link) Also see Wargame Amateur (link)

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