Thursday, 14 June 2007

SYW Buildings WIP (1)

I've been asked how I construct my buildings, so I thought it would be useful to take a couple of pictures of the latest buildings while they are in progress.

The underlying basis for all the buildings is a base which is made up of 60mm by 60mm grid, in the case of the SYW town all the buildings are on 120mm square bases. The origin of these dimensions is in my AWI rules where the figures are on 45mm square bases, so the buildings bad to have an internal dimension (to take the figures comfortably) of 50mm by 100mm so the base for the buildings was 60mm x 120mm.

The basic structure for the walls is foamcore, cut to size and rebated at the corners for neatness and avoiding the need to cover the outside surface to hide the inner foam edge. Once the basic structure is completed I add a card roof with tiles cut in strips and overlapped. The chimneys are just balsa cut to size. For the windows and doors I have been quite lazy and just glued them onto the walls. Originally I used some windows left over from some plastic kits, then a plastic embroidery grid and my latest discovery the scrim used by plasterers to cover joins before plastering. These buildings are the first using this technique.

The buildings are also embellished in a number of ways, these are quite extreme as I have glued thin card all over the surface to give a timber framed effect. The base of the second building has been made out of Linka (reinforced with foamcore) to give a different effect.


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