Sunday, 24 June 2007

Vienna lost - Kahlenberg 1683

Well, I ended up being an Ottoman an the battle of Kahlenberg, and despite their best efforts the combined Polish/Imperial army failed to break through and relieve the siege of Vienna. It was a game of several parts with manic cavalry charges and counter charges on the flanks, but just at the point that the Polish hussars looked like breaking through they were charged in the rear by Ottoman cavalry that managed to disengage in time.

The picture below shows the Poles in full flow before the breakthrough, they then drove the Ottomans well back onto the ridge before the Ottoman cavalry bottom right managed to reverse and take them in the rear.

I held the Ottoman centre and after clearing any Imperialist away from the line of fire of my heavy guns in the central redoubt I gradually gave ground before counter-attacking and driving them back below the ridge line.

A great day out with a bunch of friends.

The only downside was seeing Polish Hussars, Turkish Janissaries and GNW style troops in action at the same time, I've got the first two and had been resisting moving into the GNW/League of Augsburg era as it would be yet another period, but I think I lost that battle today.

Perhaps another point to ponder was being given a pile of surplus plastic Zulu war figures, do I expand my existing Zulu war armies or what?


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