Sunday, 10 June 2007

15mm Visigoths are done at last

Well at last I have finished the Visigoths. They were originally purchased from Chariot Miniatures as a project for my older daughter who wanted something paid for to do. Given my club used to play a lot of DBM I thought this would kill two birds with one stone. Some chance! At least my daughter assembled most of the figures before getting bored and then going off to university.

So here's the whole army

The Nobles(Kn)

Gardingi (Cv) behind, Archers(Bw) and Warband(Wb) in front

The Archers(Bw) and Warband(Wb), with more archers (Ps) in front

The rest of the Warband with coffin shields and archers(Ps) in front

Of course having painted the army I now find it need more figures to round it out so I can use it, so I need to get more warband and cavalry, plus the baggage, which is never included in any army pack.

The good news was that they are not as difficult to paint as I suspected, but new brushes and some reading glasses helped a lot


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