Sunday, 25 November 2007

TYW Cuirassiers

My original Thirty Years Wars armies were produced using the Revell TYW figures back in 19.. . Since then I have played quite a number of games but always needed a few more cuirassiers for the Imperialists. As part of a swap organised via the Trading Department I got a number of the Mars copies of the Revell figures, providing enough figures to provide 2 cuirassier regiments.

The two units selected were a copy of the Bohemian Cuirassiers from the League of Augsberg site and Pappenheims Cuirassiers, since I had the flags from this site (very useful TYW flags page, but lots of images & slow)

If there was any reasonable choice then I would not have used the Mars figures, firstly because it's a breach of copyright, (it's very blatant and I don't understand why Revell doesn't act), secondly the quality is not that good, the figures are produced in a low temperature soft plastic and the moulds are not always filled properly, this was particularly the case on the horses. Adding a wire pole for the standards was a nightmare as the plastic flowed away from the hot metal, it was very much trial and error to get the poles in place. I'm glad that I had not decided to created Wallensteins Lifeguard with lances.


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