TYW Hessian Cavalry

At the same time as painting the cuirassiers I decided to finish off some other TYW cavalry that I had half started about 10 years ago. At that time I was painting figures for Lutzen/Brietenfeld and I prepared more figure than I needed. I was also unsure what to paint them as, until I saw an article in the Pike & Shot Society journal "Arquebusier" on the Hessian army of the period.

So here they are the red, green and blue cavalry regiments of the Hessian army. Each unit has the relevant coat colour and as close flags as I could find. The use of standard coats was not that common, but it does make the units easier to use on the table top.

The figures are all the (now rare) Revell TYW Swedish Cavalry. I have kept to the same flock basing as used for the rest of my TYW army

I will definitely be painting a few more TYW figures from my stash as I have a mind to refight Jankow 1645. This is a battle involving a higher proportion of cavalry so I may be painting yet more cavalry. If anyone knows of a detailed OOB for Jankow please let me know. (I've ordered Guthrie's Later TYW via inter-library loan but it may be a while arriving)


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