Saturday, 8 December 2012

More British Paras - at last

Well, it's taken a while, with two weeks travelling and the onset of cold weather, but I've started painting again.

First off the bench is a selection of guns to support my British Paratroops, I've acquired the figures from various sources, including the old Airfix set, the newr Water set and some Shell Hole Scenics and what I suspect are SHQ.

Waterloo 1815 75mm Pack Howitzers, the officers (left) are from SHS

matchbox 17 pdrs with assorted crew

SHS version of the Paratroop 6pdr withvarious crews

All I seem to need now to complete the brigade are some tows for the guns and a Polsten.


Paul said...

Great work Will, looking very forward to the Polsten!

Monty said...

Fantastic work Will! Very effective looking force - nice one ;)