British Infantry in Egypt 1801

Well I made it despite the the problems with using my thumb. All 96 Infantry are now completed. The exact units were all present, but I've been selective in the ones I've picked, like the Gloucesters (28th Foot) and the 90th Foot had to be included as they were the only unit with Tarletons.

From front to back, left to right
Light coys/90th Foot/light coys
23rd Foot/2nd Foot Guards/54th Foot
De Roll (Swiss)/27th Foot/28th Foot

Figures are mainly Strelets British in Egypt plus some Hat marines I was slowly collecting for this project before the Strelets recently came out.


Paul´s Bods said...

Bloody lovely !!!! Now for the enemy :-D
Merry X-Mas

Paul said...

Splendid work Will, that thumb really isn't a handicap at all by the looks of things!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Two base units - that rings a bell!

Looking good, Will...

Fire at Will said...

Paul, the thumbs been a right pain, but I've managed to work around the problem somewhat

Steve - well spotted