DAK Transport and a special

A quick push to complete some vehicles before the year ends. A selection of Opel Blitzs (three Airfix and one Italeri)and a couple of Airfix Sdkfz 7.

In front is one of the Miniaerons Panzer Is converted into a Flammpanzer I, a very easy conversion. A really nice kit, the only minor flaw is the lack of an opening turret hatch.


FriendlyFire said...

Excellent little troop. Are the Sd.kfz 7's Airfix?


Don M said...

love your work....you take me back to school on a daily basis!

Fire at Will said...

FF yes the old Airfix ones, one built from new and the other a second hand one reworked

Rafael Pardo said...

A nice vehicle fleet!
Happy New Year!