A few pictures from the Recon show.

An early start and it was across the Pennines to Pudsey for Recon. At least this year there were no problems. The Lance and Longbow Society made a combined effort with the Society of Ancients and we put on my Aztec v's Conquisadore game using DBA in the New World and the "Greyhounds in the Slips" covering the siege of Harfleur.

A couple of pictures of the Aztecs in action, overall it was 4-3 in the Aztecs favour.

The SOTCW Kursk game was getting a fair bit of attention

A nice bit of Sci-Fi scenary, quite simply done but gives a great effect.

Borodino in 15mm

Overall a great day out, but I was exhausted by the time I got home. Purchases were few:
  • Some Solfig/Retrofig French figures bought as part of the SOGG charity sale.
  • A box of Miniaerons Panzer Is - lovely models can't wait to start on these.
  • A complete set of Italeri Operation Overlord - I've wanted to try the rules for a while now, and it was a bargain on the B&B, so the tanks and figures will go on my trades shortly.

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Very nicely presented tables, especially the Kursk table: excellent stuff (give or take the obtrusive plastic tray). But I am impressed with the Mini-Borodino. I've often thought one could 'do' Borodino - or any large battle - without having recourse to thousands upon thousands of figures...